Red - Looking Through Windows SOLD

Mixed Media And Resin On Canvas

165cm x 200cm

$4,800.00 AUD

Essence is a brand new collection of large scale paintings that I have been working on for the past 2 years.    The series is a journey and exploration of finding oneself again, after wondering where ā€˜Iā€™ went and why I was lost.  Joy, strength and clarity of vision.  The paintings celebrate my innate knowledge and resolution that painting is my life passion and the essence of who I am.

'A definitive  existence.  My journey as an artist, delving deeper and deeper'.

'Red' - Looking through windows.

This painting needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.  The work that has gone on in the layers beneath, create a sensational visual effect when you see the painting up close.  

This painting means a lot to me as it is about a part of my life where I felt socially awkward, self conscience and really lacked confidence.  I was always hiding behind the camera taking the photos at gatherings, parties and functions, looking at everything through the glass lens.  I never felt really in the moment.  As I've grown and my confidence with it, I make sure that I 'live' in the moment and embrace everything that I love as often as I can.