New Series Exhibition

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It's nice and quiet in Inverloch over Winter and I have had a fabulous time in the studio.  I have been working on a brand new series, some great new colours and amazing abstracts.  I was going to try some new mediums, but wanted to do just 'one more resin piece'.  Well I was so pleased with the result, and had such a wonderful time creating it, that it led to a this new series, yes still using resin.  Part inspired by the majestic super Moon's over Winter and part about not being too caught up in your plans, rather following your heart. 'When The Moon Speaks To Me' Exhibition will open on Saturday 3rd September at my Art Gallery And Studio, 60 Dixon Street, Inverloch.  

The series is ongoing.  Please follow us on facebook, instagram or become a subscriber to see Annette's latest works.